The Future of Experiences: Get Ready for an Exciting Content 23.1 Release

We are gearing up for the most exciting year yet for the CELUM Content Supply Chain platform. After having deployed reviewer permissions and the new visitor role to CELUM Work, CELUM Content 23.1 lays the foundation for incredible new capabilities. These features will provide you with greater control and flexibility than ever before. Join us on this journey as we unlock the potential of our Content Supply Chain platform.

Get Ready for Celum Experiences

Get ready to activate personalized content experiences for all your target groups. With CELUM 23.1 you are taking the first step toward getting access to CELUM Portals, due to launch in the first half of 2023. With portals, you can curate assets into libraries specifically for your audience’s needs. Be it colleagues, vendors, or direct to customers, you’ll wow them with an exceptional content exploration experience. No tech savviness needed. Just a few clicks and you’re ready to go.

Get Ready for the Mobile App

We are happy to announce that a CELUM Mobile App is in the works to be launched this April. 

  • Access – On the go with your mobile device in hand, access CELUM Content. Search and filter relevant content to download to your device.
  • Share – With your mobile device, use share assets via instant messaging, social media or email, etc.
  • Upload – Take images and videos with your mobile device. Immediately upload it to CELUM Content without having to wait or transfer them to a computer.
  • Tag – With just a few taps of your fingers, apply metadata to make assets easily searchable for your colleagues to start working on them now. 

The CELUM Mobile App offers an open interface with REST API. Customers and partners can quickly and securely connect their systems and tools to CELUM in a variety of ways.

Other Improvements

Compare Assets

With the latest release, you can now select any two assets to compare side-by-side, making it easier to evaluate and contrast them. This feature not only displays high-quality previews for images, documents, and videos, but also enables you to compare metadata. In addition, you can now select any asset version to be included in the comparison, making it effortless to review changes over time.

Support for WebP conversion on download

Although previews for WebP files have been available for some time, we have now introduced a new feature that allows you to configure a download format with WebP as the targeted file type. WebP is a cutting-edge image format that offers exceptional efficiency.

Improved search bar experience

With the latest update, the top search bar now evaluates search terms using an AND operator, resulting in fewer search results and a more refined search experience. However, users who prefer the previous behavior using the OR operator can still adjust their preferences in the content administration via their user settings.

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