CELUM Portals

A Sneak Peek for you

Welcome to a glimpse into CELUM’s future. We’re currently working on CELUM Portals. From CELUM Content you can curate assets into libraries specifically for your audience’s needs. Be it colleagues, vendors, or direct to customers, you’ll wow them with an exceptional content exploration experience. No tech savviness needed. Just a few clicks and you’re ready to go.

If you want more information about portals, feel free to put in your email to have your account manager get in contact with you. 


With CELUM Portals, master the content supply chain by putting your brand assets right where they need to be. 

Your target groups will easily access, search, resize, download the content you curated for them in libraries, all while you maintain control of who sees what. Finally, creating a content experience everyone will appreciate and love.

Endless possibilities with portals

Content Portals

From corporate branding, to product specifications, to sales sheets, etc., make asset distribution a sophisticated content experience. 

Retail Portals

Present on brand, sleek portals with filter facets to help retailers find the product content they need to sell. 

Media Portals

Never miss media coverage opportunities. Empower the media to find the information they need with portals embedded into your company website.

Set It Up Quickly And Easily

Getting your digital assets into portals is easy. Utilising established filters from CELUM content, or creating new ones, populates the desired assets right in there. 

Providing access to your content is just a click away as you invite your target group to join your portal. 

Once you are done setting it up, publishing your portals is merely a click away. 

Decide Who Sees What

Create portals for each of your target audiences and provide access to only the assets they want. This reduces demand for complex user permissions.


Reduce Asset Overflow

Create a smart search by building filter facets, so your target audience finds the right assets instantly. Spark joy in your users by allowing them to easily navigate through your product and marketing content.

GUARANTEE Brand Consistency

Brand consistency is key to user acquisition. Enjoy the flexibility to customise the look of your distribution channel by changing the background, logo, welcome text, font size and presentation style without any coding. 

Offer Multiple Asset Formats

Simplify the asset format game. Make it easy for the user to choose the format size they need and download it. 

In the very near future we’ll step it up a notch and include a lot more options, like Facebook banner, video banner, etc. 

Embed your content where needed

Download and share assets on-the-go. Embed your portals in your website and provide the user a fully responsive design experience.