Become the Fastest Uploader in the West with CELUM

BANG, BANG Lucky Luke! Can you remember this childhood gem with the quickest gunfighter ever alive?

Well, we cannot promise you that you will be able to draw a revolver as quickly as Lucky Luke, but with our newest release you will be able to upload assets much faster and save a ton of time.

Upload from anywhere

You can now literally upload files from anywhere.

Drag and drop files into ContentHub and the upload wizard will guide you through the upload journey. We provide every user with visual cues and the ability to filter for required metadata. Overall, this will help you to gain a better tagging quality in your repository.

Better collaboration and easier onboarding

CELUM ContentHub 20.9 now offers an even more seamless integration with WorkRooms, CELUM’s Teamwork Management solution. WorkRooms can now directly access the ContentHub attached to your organization to browse and modify the repository.

With this capability, you can work with your agency on that retouch job using WorkRooms and simply move the final images back to ContentHub for organization and distribution. Neat!

For more about the new integration capabilities of ContentHub and WorkRooms please read our current update article.

In addition, onboarding now provides interactive tours that help users to familiarize themselves with the application, so rolling out ContentHub to new audiences has never been simpler!

In this release we also added preview rendering for the WebP format, updated the office file conversion tool LibreOffice to version 7.0.1, which vastly improves preview quality, and enhanced the user management possibilities. What’s more: ContentHub now supports over 70 file types.

For a full overview of CELUM’s digital asset management capabilities please click here.

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