Digital Asset Management

A DAM good choice

A single source of truth for all your digital media assets. Improve brand consistency across all channels. Streamline collaboration for a better user experience. Prove the ROI of your content.

Why do you need CELUM digital asset management?

CELUM provides the most versatile DAM platform with high-end solutions designed to address the most complex scenarios at scale.


Content at scale

As the volume of content and different content types grows, so does the challenge of creating, approving, and managing it. However, with CELUM, these challenges can be effectively addressed.


Extensive user base

As the internal and external user base of CELUM customers grows, we evolve to support them with more capabilities in access control, seamless integration with familiar tools, facilitating collaboration and content discovery.


Diverse audiences

As the number of target groups, audiences and users increases, CELUM strives to support customers with multiple options to deliver personalised content and distribute marketing content how and where they need it.

content at scale

Ingest massive amounts of files with one click

Whether you import files from another system or add them manually via drag & drop – we got you covered. Bulk upload files to CELUM DAM or fetch them automatically from any connected source with a powerful content ingest service.

Use the power of AI

Find similar assets, easily detect duplicates and auto-tag your content with the help of AI. Take advantage of CELUM’s powerful machine learning algorithm, which has access to millions of comparable files. Save time and effort by using AI to uphold the quality of your content base.

The innovative management of our digital assets has proven to be a real source of added value within our company-wide cooperation. For many years we have found a reliable partner in CELUM.
Karin Keplinger,

Different content, different data

Define relevant asset types and categorise your content based on a variety of formats and use cases. Each asset type comes with a consistent and predefined – yet fully flexible – subset of metadata fields to ensure the right information is with the right piece of content.

Give files meaning with metadata

Add essential metadata to your content and transform mere files into meaningful digital assets. CELUMs taxonomy is fully customisable and supports multiple languages. Assign tags automatically with the help of AI and make meta-information available in any connected system.

The direct and cooperative partnership with CELUM has helped us to digitalize our processes even further. In doing so, we could greatly increase employee satisfaction and significantly improve our time-to-market.
Dominik Wollenschein,
Snippet of the CELUM application. It shows, how metadata are presented within CELUM Digital Asset Management solution.

Never run into copyright issues again

No matter where your digital assets spring from – a photo shoot or stock images – chances are, there is some licensing you have to consider. Stay on top of licence rights, set restrictions and expiration dates and ensure content is only used as intended.

Connect to Adobe CC and Microsoft Office

Maximise the productivity of your users and help them to avoid going back and forth between tools. Connect your asset database with Adobe Creative Cloud and Microsoft Office 365 apps and let users explore and access files directly from their familiar interface.

Adobe Commerce by Magento Integration

extensive user base

Control access and rights

Make sure the right people have access to the right data – CELUMs granular access rights management is among the most sophisticated, flexible and smart solutions in the industry. Define who should be allowed to see and access what – even down to specific metadata fields.

All in one look and feel

Brand consistency is key to user adoption. Stick to your brand guidelines and customise the UI of your DAM. Use our white-labelling options to create your very own, corporate-branded content portals – no matter if it‘s for partners, public or internal purposes.

We have been using CELUM DAM for a few years now to successfully present the dynamic world of sports to our stakeholders as a consistent brand experience.
Rolf Bigler,
SCOTT Sports

Don't search, find

Create flexible node structures and asset collections that meet your organisation’s needs. Go through vast amounts of files and find anything in an instant. CELUM’s intuitive and powerful search widgets help you to narrow down results and retrieve content faster.

63% of organisations report DAM helped them to cumulatively save up to 10 hours per week across their entire workforce, 33.3% between 10 to 50 hours and 3.7% are saving over 50 hours a week.

Kanban agility for marketing teams

Visualise work at various stages of your process. Utilise Kanban boards as a powerful foundation for creative collaboration. Keep everyone in the loop regarding assignments, due dates and the current status of each task.

Marketers using agile project management processes are more likely to report success.


No more guesswork. Share precise and actionable feedback and annotate images, videos, audio and docs with markup tools.

With CELUM DAM, our digital architecture has been expanded by an integral building block that has now become indispensable: it’s increased the efficiency of our digital processes enormously.
Stefan Vollmer,

diverse audiences

Distribute content across all channels

Manage assets end-to-end and put content in front of your audience – automatically in the best format for any channel. Dynamically convert files into different formats and automate their distribution to crucial touchpoints – such as your website or social media.

Since we started using the CELUM media library, sales colleagues are happy to provide themselves with product content quickly and easily, which saves our marketing team a lot of time.
Sebastian Fruth,

Speed up your content delivery

Great content deserves great experience no matter where your customers are and how you interact with them. CELUM’s Microsoft Azure-powered content delivery network (CDN) caches your images and videos with proxy servers, reduces load times, and delivers best-in-class availability and speed.

Link and relate content

Keep track of your content, whether it’s social media or a commerce tool. Get usage data from connected systems and visualise where your assets are and how they are related. You know exactly where else you need to update your content whenever something changes.

Our digital assets were scattered across multiple storage locations. With the introduction of CELUM, we were able to raise the management of these valuable resources to a central and global level.
Johannes Fenner,

The right content to the right audience

With branded portals, easily showcase your product portfolio assets to specific target groups to optimise content encounters. Be it colleagues, vendors, partners, or direct to the customer, wow them with an exceptional content exploration experience. 

Get performance insights

With advanced content performance insights, see who has visited your portals, most downloaded assets, site search success, etc. Utilise the information to analyse what is performing best and make changes and improvements to help reach your goals.

Insights dashboard

See CELUM in Action

Learn more what CELUM can do for you. Take a deeper dive into the features and get answers to all your questions. 

What our customers say about us

Kistler e-commerce
Kistler logo

“With CELUM Product Content Management, we have a central platform for all product-related content. This allows us to create high-quality product catalogues, which serve as the basis for our online presence.“

Christoph Keller
Corporate Program & Project Manager

“With the NovaUI, CELUM has achieved a great success, especially in the area of usability. Acceptance among both editors and users is high.”

Torsten Mühlhoff ABUS
Torsten Mühlhoff
Corporate Projects

Thanks to the integration of CELUM, a central content hub for the RM Group was established across company boundaries and our content supply chain was optimized.

Werner Ammerer
Head of Global Marketing

“Thanks to CELUM, we could save time and money by optimizing the usage of assets across the content lifecycle. We have a clear overview and employees love how easy it is!”

Mia Rasmussen
Senior Product Owner, DAM

With CELUM as our all-round service platform for digital data, we serve our stakeholders optimally far beyond the normal scope and always have the time-limited copyrights automatically in view.

Dr. Anja Strejcek
Head of PR & Communication

With CELUM and SharePoint, we can easily manage the digital assets of our diverse, highly technical products without starting a digital fire.


Joris Gruber
IT Manager

With CELUM it’s possible to uncover and access hidden content treasures for research, teaching as well as public enjoyment of our heritage.

Geoffrey Browell
Head of Archives Services
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