Tasks, workflows and file sharing for teams in one place.

WorkRooms blends agile task management with superior file organization. Get a visual overview of projects, reviews and approvals and share your files with anyone.

The challenges WorkRooms
solves for you:

Files and tasks in one place

Increase speed by unifying your files, tasks, and conversations in one place.

Review and approve

Set markers and review any filetype – from documents and pictures to videos.

Invite anyone to work with you

Share, approve and delegate any work to unlimited users without additional costs.

A new kind of workflow

Make your teamwork transparent, agile, and easily manageable.

Boost team productivity

WorkRooms is the key tool to digitally transform your teamwork and file handling. It boosts team productivity by bringing tasks and files together and provides full transparency on every status of a project.

Provide context for your synched files

Say goodbye to silos of files, with no order and no context. WorkRooms makes it easy to connect files to projects. When a project ends, you can decide what to keep or what you want to throw out. And for keeping files, CELUM offers ContentHub, the perfect content repository for any marketing content.

A new kind of process management

WorkRooms introduces with Flowboards a new process management experience, that makes work move along a predefined path with full accountability on who did or decided what.

Bring your people & tools together

Add as many people as you want from within or outside your organization at no additional cost. Replace your old tools with WorkRooms as everyone works in the same environment.

How can we help you?

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