Creative Collaboration

A new, simple way for projects

Bring tasks, files and teams together and enable seamless collaboration with agile task management and file handling in one place. Set up workrooms for all your projects and campaigns and elevate teamwork to a whole new level.

Teamwork + Transparency = Results

Get everyone on the same page regarding the status of each project and promote faster and more reliable teamwork across your organization. Merge transparency with accountability and get work done faster.

File management made simple

Use shared workrooms to store and organize your team’s work in secure and easy-to-manage project spaces. All files added to a workroom are owned collectively by the team members, so everyone stays up-to-date and has access to the latest versions.

Online collaboration tools and digital workplaces facilitate increased productivity by up to 30%.

Bring tasks and files together

Say goodbye to files that are detached from your day-to-day work. Manage all your images, videos and docs in dedicated, shared workrooms and link them directly to specific tasks. Content and work under one roof!

The direct and cooperative partnership with CELUM has helped us to digitize our process even further. In doing so, we could greatly increase employee satisfaction and significantly improve our time-to-market.

Dominik Wollenschein, Shop Apotheke Europe

Focus on the task at hand

Stay focused and organised with clear responsibilities and deadlines. Assign users to single tasks or make them responsible for all tasks in a list. Set due dates and see all your assignments in a personalized cockpit.

Embark on your productivity journey

We empower your teams to finish projects faster, in the best quality and with full accountability.

Kanban agility for marketing teams

Visualize work at various stages of your process and utilize Kanban boards as a powerful foundation for creative collaboration. Keep everyone in the loop regarding assignments, due dates and the current status of each task.

Marketers using agile project management processes are 252% more likely to report success.

Break the chains of email

Don’t let back-and-forth email chains diminish your productivity. Instead, leave notes for team members and comment directly on tasks or files to keep everyone up-to-date. Easily notify your colleagues by @mentioning them.

Clear version management

No more: what is the latest version? Easily update your files and add multiple versions to keep track of all the changes that were made. By default the latest version will show, but you can always revert back to previous ones if necessary.

Content Hub

High-end content hub for thousands of product images, videos and docs.
Agile Collaboration

Creative Collaboration

Content Workflows

Easily build custom workflows and automate recurring tasks.

Online Proofing

Collect feedback, add annotations and approve any file type.

File Sync & Share

Store, access and share files GDPR-compliant and safe.

Integrations & Marketplace

Get access to over one hundred applications and extensions.