Content Workflows

Streamline your creative processes

Optimize every step of your creative work – from brainstorming to completion. Drive your projects forward with flexible and easy-to-use workflows that add some structure to your day-to-day tasks.

Enable your team to do more in less time

Collaborate more efficiently and simplify task management with smart automation. Focus on actual work and let CELUM Robots take care of mundane things like automatically unassign you once the task is done. And the best part: no coding needed.

Give tasks a direction

All collaboration needs a bit of structure to ensure deadlines are met. Define which transitions are valid and how freely team members can move tasks around. Assign clear responsibilities and only allow certain users to approve & forward tasks in specific stages.

Automate everything with robots

Say goodbye to tedious repetitive work and hello to more time for creating exceptional content. Among other things, Robots can automatically set or change due dates, assign or unassign users and restrict task creation or editing in specific stages of your project.

“With CELUM, our digital architecture has been expanded by an integral building block that has now become indispensable: it’s increased the efficiency of our digital processes enormously.”
Stefan Vollmer, Hansgrohe

Design workflows for everyone

Create personal templates for a variety of different projects or choose from a shared library of custom templates from your organization. Predefine workflows and automation steps based on the type of project and save it for next time to start working right away.

Designed to boost productivity

Accelerate your creative process – content workflows have never been this good. Try it out now.

Content Hub

High-end digital asset management for thousands of product images, videos, and docs.

Creative Collaboration

Bring tasks, files and teams together in flexible workrooms.

Workflows & Automation

Content Workflows

Online Proofing

Collect feedback, add annotations and approve any file type.

File Sync & Share

Store, access and share files GDPR-compliant and safe.

Integrations & Marketplace

Access to over one hundred applications and extensions.