Collaboration 2 min read

CELUM introduces WorkRooms

Ladies and gentlemen, we have news.

Since you’re here, you most probably know that we at CELUM are offering a powerful Digital Asset Management solution to our clients and partners. Also known as ContentHub, this software is a critical piece of martech infrastructure for most of our clients: First of all, it allows you to host, access and manage all of your files. Secondly, connecting all the company tools with a centralized library makes it easy to seamlessly work with content in other software, from web CMS to YouTube and even your SAP stack.

Now, we are ready to take the next step for our product offerings, covering the entire creation and collaboration process for marketing teams and all their peers and stakeholders. Today, we want to show you what WorkRooms is and why we chose to build it.

Our ambitious objective is to augment your work with a collaboration tool like WorkRooms. Of course, our plan was to improve your daily work processes and help you get stuff done. Clearly, there are already many tools out there which can help you to navigate through your daily tasks, but we designed WorkRooms to stand out from anything you already know.

So please allow me to highlight five things that make WorkRooms stand out:

  • WorkRooms is not your average task management tool. Built with a content-centric approach, WorkRooms is the perfect collaboration tool for marketing teams and their creative stakeholders to create better content, faster.
  • Every WorkRoom is a small project that is designed to be finished. Yes, we want you to finish as many projects as you’ve started. We don’t want your tasks to get lost in too many lanes and too many boards.
  • We’re obsessed with content and efficient creation process. WorkRooms reflects this mindset by setting strict rules for feedback and approvals, speeding up your team and your organisation for success.
  • We’re aware of the back and forth of endless feedback loops when you’re creating new assets. And yes, no one is a fan of this tedious process – but here is how you can become better: Use our built-in editor to highlight the exact frame in any video or slide from a PowerPoint you want to update. Feedback is now more actionable than ever before.
  • All our plans include unlimited seats. We don’t want to charge our clients for bringing in all their peers. Combine your endless creativity for the very best outcome.