Brand Management

Build a unified brand experience

Control your brand identity across diverse channels. CELUM’s unified approach strengthens the relationship between your brand and its audience, helping it to stand out from the competition.

Manage your brand identity across channels and audiences with CELUM. Learn how to build a unified brand experience that sets you apart from the competitiion.


Enable your creative teams to scale content production without compromising creativity or brand integrity.

Keep everyone on the same page with clear briefs, deadlines, assignees and priorities.

Offer precise feedback using annotation tools on the latest content versions.

Streamline approval processes to ensure content is signed off by the appropriate stakeholders and automatically placed in the correct location for distribution.


Optimise managing and accessing brand assets to ensure seamless multi-channel brand experiences.

Centralise brand assets and access them across mobile, desktop and online.

Enable brand managers full control over asset libraries and who sees what. Benefit from version control, AI tags and bulk editing.

Automatically distribute approved assets in the right format where they are needed and make them accessible in your preferred applications.

Brand portals to engage different audiences.

The go-to place for brand guidelines and assets.

Brand portals are at the heart of your brand. Create as many portals as you need to easily meet the needs of different audiences.

Empower brand managers to effortlessly curate the perfect content to create user-friendly brand guidelines and media libraries, no coding skills required.

Leverage performance insights to analyse top-performing content and make strategic adjustments to better meet your goals.


Self-service portals
Stunning self-service press and media centres that can be created and embedded in just a few clicks. Control access and target specific audiences or the general public.
Intuitive page builder
Choose from pre-designed themes that represent your brand guidelines. Start building your page layout with simple elements and customise it to suit your needs.
Brand templates

Empower individuals inside and outside your organisation to create branded content in a controlled environment. From business cards to online banners, across social, digital and print.

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What our customers say about us

Kistler e-commerce
Kistler logo

“With CELUM Product Content Management, we have a central platform for all product-related content. This allows us to create high-quality product catalogues, which serve as the basis for our online presence.“

Christoph Keller
Corporate Program & Project Manager

“With the NovaUI, CELUM has achieved a great success, especially in the area of usability. Acceptance among both editors and users is high.”

Torsten Mühlhoff ABUS
Torsten Mühlhoff
Corporate Projects

Thanks to the integration of CELUM, a central content hub for the RM Group was established across company boundaries and our content supply chain was optimized.

Werner Ammerer
Head of Global Marketing

“Thanks to CELUM, we could save time and money by optimizing the usage of assets across the content lifecycle. We have a clear overview and employees love how easy it is!”

Mia Rasmussen
Senior Product Owner, DAM

With CELUM as our all-round service platform for digital data, we serve our stakeholders optimally far beyond the normal scope and always have the time-limited copyrights automatically in view.

Dr. Anja Strejcek
Head of PR & Communication

With CELUM and SharePoint, we can easily manage the digital assets of our diverse, highly technical products without starting a digital fire.


Joris Gruber
IT Manager

With CELUM it’s possible to uncover and access hidden content treasures for research, teaching as well as public enjoyment of our heritage.

Geoffrey Browell
Head of Archives Services
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