Simplify Your Flyers and Packaging Collaboration

Working with multiple stakeholders on many assets can become a daunting task. But imagine a world where you can leave complex online proofing and feedback processes behind. Enter the world of CELUM’s content supply chain, where you can seamlessly engage with collaborators.

Common challenges

Effortless Creation Management

Managing the creation process for leaflets, flyers, packaging designs, and more, can quickly become overwhelming when collaborating with both internal and external stakeholders without the right software in place. 

Streamlined Stakeholder Feedback

Collecting feedback from a diverse group of stakeholders, including design, product, legal, and agencies, can be a complex and challenging task. Determining who should have access to what information further adds to the complexity.

Simplified File Type Handling

Dealing with a multitude of file types, including documents, images, videos, and more, can scatter your communication and expand your toolset, making it difficult to maintain control over your assets and projects.


CELUM’s content approval functionality, featuring cutting-edge Kanban-based collaboration, provides you with everything you need to maintain complete control over your asset creation and approval projects. Keep a clear overview of your tasks and stay informed about project statuses and who is working on each task. CELUM offers everything you need to enhance and streamline your creation and approval workflows.

Taskify your work

Harness the power of task descriptions, comments, and on-asset notes to synchronize with collaborators and eliminate redundant discussions. Break down work into bite-sized subtasks and effortlessly assign them to team members. With just a few clicks, transform subtasks into standalone tasks as needed.

Feedback at Your Fingertips

One-Click Feedback: With CELUM’s stamps feature, provide immediate visual feedback by giving a thumbs-up or thumbs-down. Collaborators can swiftly review and comment on various versions or specific sections of a draft, making feedback a breeze.

Go cross-platform

Handle diverse asset types, such as documents, images, or videos, all within a unified platform. Say goodbye to the hassle of managing user access across multiple tools. Leverage CELUM’s robust integrations with cutting-edge content creation software to simplify the creation and online-proofing processes.

Take Command of Access Control

Control access with precision and administer user permissions globally, based on projects, or even task-status levels. Utilise the visitor role feature to automatically safeguard internal data from external access while maintaining a centralised repository on a single project board.

You're in great company

With CELUM as our all-round service platform for digital data, we serve our stakeholders optimally far beyond the normal scope and always have the time-limited copyrights automatically in view.

Dr. Anja Strejcek
Head of PR & Communication

We optimised the content supply chain across our portfolio of over 40 brands using CELUM, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

Radegerberg logo icon
Radeberger Gruppe KG
German beer culture

Our digital assets were scattered across multiple storage locations. With the introduction of CELUM, we were able to raise the management of these valuable resources to a central and global level.

Johannes Fenner
Head of Global Digital Communication

The direct and cooperative partnership with CELUM has helped us to digitalize our processes even further. In doing so, we could greatly increase employee satisfaction and significantly improve our time-to-market.

Dominik Wollenschein
Senior Consultant, Architecture Management
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