Tailored Content for Sales & Partners in Manufacturing

Tailored Content for Sales & Partners in Manufacturing

Imagine launching a new product line and facing the challenge to get all the relevant content in the best possible way to your internal and external sales channels. 

Create stunning, tailored portals that manage substantial content volume for all your sales channels. Let sales teams and partners enjoy self-service access with tailored navigation, so they easily find what they need to sell.


Offer self-service Access to Curated Content with CELUM PORTALS

Deliver what your sellers, retailers and partners need to sell in their specific region, language, product portfolio and even their regulatory needs. Carefully curate their individual sales portals. Add in specific filters so they never come up with a blank search. Give them the power to access and download content in different formats for a well-rounded self-service offer.


Sales Portals

Portals is a one-stop-shop for them to confidently access content that is relevant to their needs. They know it’s accurate, up-to-date and ready to use. Portals are compatible with mobile devices and can be used while visiting prospects and customers.


Retailer Partner Portals

Your retailers and partners have customised product catalogues, promotional materials, pricing structures etc. Within a few clicks create and deliver personalised content through portals. Add in specific navigations so they can easily access, find, download what they need when they need it.

Why Manufacturing Brands Trust In CELUM

Thanks to CELUM, we could save time and money by optimising the usage of assets. We have a clear overview and employees love how easy it is!
Since we started using CELUM, sales colleagues are happy to provide themselves with product content, which saves us a lot of time.
Sebastian Fruth
Marketing & Communication,
CELUM is our web-based single source of truth, and with its APIs, we were able to build real-time automated integrations.
Franziska Lis
Franziska Lis
Product Owner eBusiness Platforms,

Deliver the Right Content to Your Sellers and Partners

With CELUM Portals, easily showcase your product portfolio assets to sales teams or partners. 

Utilising tailored navigation allows them to easily search and download the content you curated just for them. 

Easily embed portals into your website without any tech skills needed.

End the back and forth

Simplify the content format game and end the back-and-forth requests that waste so much time with self-service portals. Make it easy for your sales team and partners to define the format they need and download it from your portals. This can be size or even format like Facebook banner, video banner, etc. 

Analyse Interactions

See who interacted with what content, when, and how often. Utilise the information to change and improve content to help your sales team and partners reach their goals. 

control who sees what

Create portals for sales team and each of your partners and provide access to only the assets they want. For sensitive information, request login information. This reduces demand for complex user permissions. 

Design Portals to Fit Your Brand

Brand consistency is key. Customise the look of your portals by changing the background, logo, welcome text, font size and presentation style without any coding.

Rubble master: delivering content globally

CELUM's Platform has Grown WItH Manufacturers' needs IN MIND

Our product has grown and expanded in response to the needs of our manufacturing customers. This is one of many reasons we developed into a content supply chain platform with powerful digital asset management at our core. 

We specialise in mastering complexity of assets, audiences, integrations and more to truly deliver what you need.

See CELUM in Action

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