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CELUM Portals

The Right Content to the Right Audience

With CELUM Portals, easily showcase your product portfolio assets to specific target groups to optimise content encounters. Be it colleagues, vendors, partners, or direct to the customer, wow them with an exceptional content exploration experience. 


Transform the way you manage your product assets and create an unforgettable brand experience with CELUM portals.

Your target groups will easily access, search, select sizes, download the content you curated for them, all while you maintain control of who sees what. Finally, creating content experiences that are perfectly tailored to each target group.

Endless possibilities with portals

Product Portals

Anything to do with selling your product. From presentations to documentation to legal information, JPEGs, videos, CAD files, it’s in this portal.

Retail Portals

Present on brand, sleek portals with filter facets to help retailers find the product content they need to sell. 

Media Portals

Never miss media coverage opportunities. Empower the media to find the information they need with portals embedded into your company website.

Set it up quickly and easily

Getting your digital assets into portals is easy. Utilising established filters, or creating new ones, populates the desired content right in there. Providing access to your portals is simple and straightforward. Decide to make it public or protected. For protected portals, invite target groups to join. You can even do this in bulk, for example, for your entire sales team. Once you are done setting it up, publishing your portals is merely a click away. What’s more, you can easily imbed portals into your website without any tech skills needed.

Deliver a unique content experience

You’ve already curated content for your target groups when uploading it to portals. Take it to the next level with filter facets, which use content categories to provide structure and help your audience quickly find what they are looking for. So they never come up with a blank search result.

End the back and forth

Simplify the asset format game. Make it easy for your target group to define the format they need and download it. This can be size or even format like Facebook banner, video banner, etc. 



With advanced content performance insights, see who has visited your portals, most downloaded assets, site search success, etc. Utilise the information to analyse what is performing best and make changes and improvements to help reach your goals.

control who sees what

Create portals for each of your target audiences and provide access to only the assets they want. For sensitive information, request login information. This reduces demand for complex user permissions. 

Configure portals to your brand

Brand consistency is key. Customise the look of your portals by changing the background, logo, welcome text, font size and presentation style without any coding.

Digital Asset Management

Specialised in mastering complexity of assets, audiences, integrations and more.

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Product Content Management

Centralise, connect, manage in bulk product assets.

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Online Proofing

Give concise feedback. Create workflows. Collaborate efficiently.

Mobile & Drive App

On-the-go content access with Mobile App. GDPR-compliant file, sync & share with Drive.


100+ applications and extensions accessible via integrations.