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Sto SE & Co. KGaA produces products for sustainable, environmentally-friendly construction since 1955. The product range includes solutions for facade insulation systems, decorative internal coatings, acoustic systems, concrete restoration, and floor coating: paints, plasters, renders/stuccos and insulation systems for both interior and exterior use. Sto is present throughout Europe, in North and South America, the Middle East and China with 42 subsidiaries and operating sites in 34 countries overall. In addition, Sto is in supplier relationships with distribution partners in many other countries. The wide array of products results in a huge amount of media content which has to be deployed to various channels and outlets and the content has to be made available for employees in all locations.



Feeding all Channels from One Source

Sto was looking for a Digital Asset Management solution that could act as their central media hub for feeding all marketing and sales channels: From websites and webstores to printed materials such as collaterals, price lists, catalogs, and product labels.

The content should primarily be maintained by the marketing unit, for managing all company-wide available digital assets. Only a limited number of users should be allowed to release content to the publicly available content structure to ensure current, always up-to-date content and the highest quality. Subsidiaries and local organizations must have their own internal spaces for managing their local content which should be made available only for viewing for all other users in the system.

With integrations to all relevant systems of our media production cycle, CELUM truly is THE central content hub.

Alexander Matthews

Head of Media Production, STO Group


A Central Media Hub

In order to feed all channels with content managed in CELUM, several integrations were implemented.

One2edit is mainly used as a web-to-print solution for the automatic creation of product labels, catalogs, and price lists. CELUM thereby acts as the main asset store for one2edit. All product data is retrieved from SAP EH&S. Users in one2edit can access CELUM to select the Adobe InDesign documents for the different markets. Selected images can be adjusted in the marketing materials for specific markets. The users can choose from a pre-defined set of images managed in CELUM or they can upload their own assets on-the-fly. All activities done in one2edit are tracked and all changes to the Adobe InDesign documents are reflected in CELUM. The approved, final versions of the document are sent to the printer in either PDF format or as an open Adobe InDesign document.

The optimized translation and online editing of ­InDesign documents are done in Across, which was also seamlessly integrated to CELUM using Open API, as well as the Web Content Management Systems used by Sto, FirstSpirit. All Sto websites are fed with image content from CELUM. You can learn more about the integration of FirstSpirit into CELUM here.

International Player for Building Coatings

Sto Group is one of the major international manufacturers of products and systems for building coatings.

Its business focuses first and foremost on external wall insulation systems (EWIS), a sector in which the company occupies a leading position, and also on rain-screen cladding systems (RSC). Also included in the facade systems product group are render and paint systems for external applications.

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