Government & Defense

  • Airport Nürnberg

    Airport Nürnberg with some 4 million passengers a year is one of the Top Ten international airports in Germany. Around 60 destinations can be reached non-stop from Nuremberg and many attractive daily flights are available to more than 300 worldwide destinations via the connections to the international hubs.

  • Bundeswehr

    The German armed forces, engaged in security and peace keeping efforts all over the world and play an active role in NATO and EU defence.

  • CDU national party headquarters

    The Christian Democratic Union is the membership strongest party in Germany. The CDU in Germany stands for the free and constitutional democracy, for the social and ecological market economy, the integration of Germany in the western value and defense community, for the unity of the nation and the unification of Europe.

  • Dexia Bank

    Dexia is a retail bank which has 5.5 million customers in Belgium, Luxembourg, Slovakia and Turkey. Over the years, Dexia has developed a broad range of banking services for private individuals, small and medium sized businesses and institutional clients.

  • Land Salzburg

    The Austrian province of Salzburg is a cultural and landscape jewel in the heart of Europe. From Sound of Music to energy drinks, Salzburg is traditional innovative.

  • Tourismusverband Linz

    Linz Tourism represents a public corporation with more than 1,600 members who help advertising Linz with their contributions. With images, texts, culture and travel offers from the Danube city it attracts group, individual and business guests for coming to the European Capital of Culture 2009.