What We Offer


Any Multimedia File – Any Format – Any Volume.  Organize and share it! Apply usage and content lifecycle controls. Integrate with other stakeholder systems.

How We Master Your Digital Assets


Delivers the right content to the right audience at the right time! Integrates content with product information to enrich customer experiences across all distribution channels.

Engage your product information


Deliver, track and analyze asset use in social media publications.  

Remote control your social networks

Brand Portals

Easy access to information bring brands to life for consumers. CELUM’s Brand Portals engages customers with easy, reliable and user-friendly access to a brand’s DNA.

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Content Integration

Content is crucial! Deliverying engaging materials through targeted channels and related systems is a deal-breaker for 21st century marketers.

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For Whom We Work


Learn, how to get multimedia content of 800,000 products under control.

Retail & E-Commerce

Get more out of your e-Commerce strategy by adding rich experiences to your products.

Sports & Special Brands

Use exclusive content to boost awareness of your brand in every channel.

Luxury & Multibrands

Omni-channel, brand consistent and engaging presentation for your high class products.

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