Stage your corporate videos perfectly with CELUM and movingimage

Upload your videos easily and automatically on to the movingimage Platform.

The movingimage Connector from CELUM enables synchronization of your videos with the Enterprise Video Platform from movingimage. Here you can directly assign your videos including metadata to the selected distribution channels. Whether manually or scheduled – you choose how and when to publish your content, and have a constant overview of the current publication status of your videos. CELUM thus serves as a central hub for your media content.

Synchronize your video files automatically with CELUM

The movingimage Connect is an integrated component in the CELUM Content Orchestration module. Within this modul, users can centrally manage their files and publish them time-controlled on different channels. Access to the movingimage Platform is done via the connector. The movingimage Connect ensures distribution of files with their metadata via an interface. Here the files are directly mapped to a channel. Also incoming metadata like the video URL and embedded codes, that are displayed for the user, are taken into account.

Metadata handling

Metadata fields – such as title or short description – can be linked to the movingimage Platform and transferred directly from CELUM. Relevant data from movingimage, such as the target URL of the video, are sent back into the system.

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Advantages at a glance

Time-controlled publishing of videos

Export metadata across channels

Fully automatic synchronization of channel structures

Show videos and metadata directly from movingimage in CELUM

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